Another Minecraft Party, Coming Up…

minecraft-cookiesMy son had a Minecraft themed birthday party back in September, and now my daughter wants one, too! This means I’ll need to come up with some new ideas for Minecraft treats, decorations, and activities. Since I know other parents are looking for similar stuff, I’ll post what I find here. Maybe it will help you with your Minecraft kids, too!

I found this Minecraft cookie cutter set today! I think it will be great for birthday treats, although the decorating will be a bit tricky. The shapes aren’t necessarily recognizable without the colored icing in the right places. Well, except for the Creeper face cookie. I’m pretty sure that will be easy enough.

The cookie cutters are $19.99 at ThinkGeek right now. Let me know if you get them, and how you do the decorating.

Minecraft Cookie Cutters

March 14 is Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day, geek people! March 14 is widely recognized as Pi Day, because the date resembles the value of pi, or 3.14…

Since we love reasons to celebrate, and we love eating pie, many people use Pi Day as an occasion to make and eat pies. Here’s a photo from, with what looks like a peanut butter cup pie. Plus, Timmy the monkey is wearing Jayne’s hat from Firefly, which gives this photo even more geek appeal.

I wish you a Pi Day filled with happiness and pie!

thinkgeek pie

PS – Check out this pi shirt!

Pi by Numbers Babydoll

Pi by Numbers Babydoll

What is Pi? Some might define it as the ratio of a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter. Others might think it’s an irrational number that’s impossible to know completely. Still others might think it’s a mystical, transcendental, almighty number that will only finally be revealed when society as a whole puts on a bunch of purple felt jump suits and hitches a ride on a nearby comet. Those people aren’t reading this description though. They are browsing the website. But we digress… We here at ThinkGeek like to think of Pi as a way to help you come up with creative reasons to spend your hard earned cash on a T-shirt. Quick question. When is Pi day? March 14th of course. Think about that for a second. Now, while still mesmerized, drop this shirt into your shopping cart. Navy blue 100% cotton babydoll tshirt. Stretchy and fitted, not baggy like the guys’ stuff! Pi symbol printed on the front in white. The first 4493 digits of Pi were used to construct the Pi symbol itself. That’s a whole lot of Pi. Enough for everybody to share so don’t get greedy on us now. A big shout out from ThinkGeek goes to Archimedes way back in the B.C. for finally giving us a good approximation of Pi, and doing so without the benefit of modern trigonometry. And thanks to the Egyptians and Babylonians for trying. Note: The brighter blue (royal blue) shirt that you see in the action shots has now been discontinued. Sorry folks! But navy is nice! You wanted navy anyway, right? 🙂 100% combed ringspun cotton, 1X1 rib, 1X1 rib bound collar, 1/2” collar height, self fabric binding on collar, side seamed, tapered waist, garment washed, no-shrinkage

Super Special School Supplies for Nerdlings and Geeks

Why should a true geek settle for standard school supplies — especially when there are so many awesome and interesting accessories available right now? Here are some of my favorite geeky back-to-school products…

It’s almost time for school to start again, and students everywhere are gathering their pencils, lunch boxes, textbooks, and gym shoes.

But why should a true geek settle for standard school supplies — especially when there are so many awesome and interesting accessories available right now? Here are some of my favorite back-to-school products from Thinkgeek!

If you want to shop, here’s a handy link for free shipping: ThinkGeek: FREE Shipping on orders $75+

Nobody will steal your food if you use this “Organ Transport” lunch cooler! $19.99
Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

School may not be a fight to the death, but you can still dress like a District 12 tribute, with this replica of Katniss’ arena jacket from The Hunger Games! $99.99
The Hunger Games Prop Replica of Katniss's Arena Jacket

This spiked backpack is just awesome! It’s not really dangerous, since those spikes are soft leather, but it looks rad. It’s $57.99.
Spikepak Backpack