Customize this shirt with your own geek slogan

write on shirt

Here is a fun shirt from ThinkGeek. You can customize it by writing whatever you want in the white fields, wash it, and start over again! The marker is included.

How many different combinations of noun, verb, noun can you come up with? Make it snarky or sincere, frightening or funny. Express your feelings in geeky mad libs style! Having trouble getting started? Here are some ideas I came up with:

  • im in ur computer corrupting ur files
  • im in ur refrigerator eating ur treats
  • im in ur microwave popping ur corn
  • im in ur belly gestating ur alien
  • im in ur head poking ur brain
  • im in ur hatch pushing ur button
  • im in ur battlestar galacticating ur cylons
  • im in ur office toasting ur pita
  • im in ur castle saving ur princess

Okay, you get the idea. Thought of a good one yet?

I’ve finally decided who to vote for…

vote for Mario and Luigi in 2008

Okay, I know I don’t usually write about politics here, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Check this out! How perfect is this Mario – Luigi Campaign Tee for a Nintendo-loving geek like me?

Here’s part of the endorsement statement from the pundits at ThinkGeek:

We wanted to introduce you to our favorite candidates in the running for the ’08 election: Mario and Luigi Giordano. They own a local pizza joint where everything’s homemade, just like in momma Italy. Face it. Almost all America’s problems can be solved with a generous application of mozzarella. And pepperoni. And especially mushrooms.

I love it. I’m seriously thinking about buying it. 🙂

Are you ready for pi day?

pi shirt

In honor of the upcoming scholarly holiday, I am highlighting a fun shirt from my shop. Yes, self-promotion time. Plus, I think this is a very cool shirt. I guess that might tell you something about how un-cool I am. 😉

The “I LOVE PI” shirt expresses my nerdy tendencies and punny sense of humor (I know, it’s so funny, you forgot to laugh) in a geek chic fashion statement. If this kind of thing appeals to you, go check it out. Remember, pi day is 3.14. That’s March 14, get it? Right on!

Here’s a New Geek Shirt for my Blogging Buddies

Ping Me shirtHere is the first in a series of designs I’m doing especially for bloggers. I’m inspired (and a little bit annoyed at times) by all the chiclets and buttons people have on their blogs. Well, here’s one humongous chiclet you can wear around town. This one says “Ping Me,” in the standard proportions (80 x 15, but gigantified), with that pixelly font that looks good in tiny sizes, on a two-color, divided background. Just don’t blame me if someone tries to click your chest. 😉 Get yours at my CafePress shop. Requests or suggestions for additional versions of the chiclet tee are welcome.