Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new fight site from Squidoo!

Hey MonkeyBrain

Thanks to Lewis for the heads-up on the latest page-builder from Squidoo! It’s called Hey MonkeyBrain, and it’s just as much fun as it sounds.

All you have to do is come up with a statement that you’d like to debate. Something like, “Innies are Better Than Outies,” or “Britney Spears is a Genius,” or “Ninjas Rule; Pirates Drool.” You get the idea. Type in your main idea, add a few supporting details, click the magic page-builder button, and invite all your friends to join in the fight. The best part about the debate format is that the comments generated by visitors keep the content of the page fresh and unique.

Also, Squidoo is a revenue-sharing site. You build pages (called lenses) for free, and Squidoo pays you a percentage of revenue generated by traffic to the site. Let me warn you: Squidoo is addictive. Even without the royalty payments, building lenses is really fun!

You can visit my new MonkeyBrain page on the topic Google is Trying to Take Over the World, and sound off in the debate. While you’re there, make your own page and get in on the Squidoo fun!

GeekMom: Now With More Linky “Luv”

commentluv hereYes, GeekMom now offers double the love to readers who leave comments, thanks to a nifty plugin called CommentLuv. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it’s easy to download and install on WordPress, and it was written by Andy Bailey.

Now when you post a comment, you can check a box to “enable CommentLuv,” which will display the title of your latest blog post as a link. That’s a free text link directly to your post — not just to the front page of your blog — and that’s in addition to the link you can include with your name. You get two links for the price of one comment! Isn’t that sweet?

It’s not supposed to slow down loading of the site at all, although it may take some number of seconds for the thing to hunt down your feed once you post your comment. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Thank you!

GeekMom’s Secret to Online Success is…

The good old Golden Rule. Really, it works online just like it does in real life. Sounds too low-tech to work in the virtual world? Well, it’s not. I’ll prove it in five easy steps.

  1. First, develop a nice, friendly, informative profile page on yourself. This can be your myspace page, your blog, your Squidoo lensmaster page, or whatever. You don’t have to give out your personal information. Include a link back to your blog, or whatever else you’d like visitors to click on.
  2. Then do some surfing. Look for blogs or pages that are well-written and interesting. Find something you really like. Have fun!
  3. Don’t just lurk. Participate in polls, give some stars, add some appreciative comments to the guestbooks. Be genuine. Be kind. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Remember the Golden Rule, and treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  4. Usually, you can add a link to your comment. This is where you put the address to your profile page, or directly to your blog. Don’t use a spammy, junky link. People don’t like being tricked into clicking on spam!
  5. If you’ve been kind, people will read your insightful comment and want to know more about you. They will click on your link, visit your page, and maybe even leave you a nice comment too. Perhaps they’ll check out your sidebars and ads. If your page is especially wonderful, you might even get a Digg or a bookmark, or even a regular subscriber. Who knows — you might even make a friend!

Give the Golden Rule a try, and see if you get good results. Even if you get one quality visitor for every ten quality visits you make, you will have made Cyberspace a friendlier place. And that’s good for everybody!

Google: I hate myself for loving you

Before you flame me and call me a hypocrite, let me disclose a few things. Yes, I use Google’s products. I love that I can see my house from space with Google Earth! I’ve used Adsense and Adwords, and I still use Blogger, Gmail, etc. In all likelihood, I will continue to use Google products. Google is everywhere, and most of the stuff is free — how can I help it?

But it’s getting out of hand. I think about Google all the time — keywords, backlinks, SEO strategies… What will Google think if I do this? Will Google like that? What if that makes Google mad? I don’t want to upset Google!

But I hate that I HAVE to do that! Google’s looming Google-icious omnipresence gets on my nerves and under my skin, and I hate myself for having to love Google, especially when Google gives no evidence of loving me in return. Some days it seems like Google loves me, and other days, Google turns all fickle and ignores me for no apparent reason. It’s maddening!

Some days, I just want to break up with Google. I want Google to take all his stuff and get out, and leave me alone with my own quiet life. And I can make my place just the way I like it, without having to worry about what Google will think.

But then I’m jerked back to reality. I can’t live without Google. Nobody will like me if Google doesn’t like me. I’m nothing without Google.

And then I’m back to where I started. I hate myself for loving Google. I hate Google for making me love him. Google, come back! I didn’t mean it! Call me!