Playstation 4 Reveal

Yesterday at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Sony revealed the next generation of Playstation gaming console: the Playstation 4. It has a parallelogram profile, and a black finish that is divided into glossy and matte areas by a blue line. The PS4 package includes a new controller, sensor bar and headset.


Here are some highlights from the Sony press event:

  • Playstation 4 will not require online connection
  • Sensor bar will not be “always on”
  • Sony will not impose new restrictions on used games
  • CD-based games can still be re-sold, traded or shared
  • Playstation Plus (approximately $5 per month) will be required for online multiplayer games (such as Call of Duty)
  • PS4 controller includes Share button for uploading gameplay to Ustream
  • PS4 bundle retail price will be $399

Got $399 burning a hole in your bank account? You can pre-order your Playstation 4 right now!