GeoPalz Pedometer Makes Exercise More Fun

GeoPalz are pedometers designed for kids. Recently, I bought a pedometer for myself, and I was looking for one that would be suitable for my children. I was thrilled when I found out about GeoPalz!

The kid appeal goes beyond the fun designs (ladybugs, basketballs, pirates, oh my!), and extends to the online tracking of steps. My son has been very enthusiastic about entering the number of steps he’s taken each day, so he can see his progress in the online tracker. GeoPalz online not only tracks his steps, but it also shows his progress toward nearby cities. He also earns badges for his GeoPalz profile, when he achieves big milestones.

The thing he likes most about GeoPalz is the reward system. Every step counts as a point toward rewards. Once enough points are earned, he can redeem them for real rewards, such as frisbees, water bottles, sports equipment, and more. The combination of game elements, the cute gadget, and real-world activity and rewards, is perfect for this geek family.

Here’s a great video introduction on the GeoPalz system:

I received one GeoPalz activity tracker for free, to review for this post. My other kids want their own, so I think I’ll be buying a couple more. They’re so cute, I might get myself one, too! 🙂