NASA Posters Promote Space Tourism

Exoplanet Travel Bureau
Exoplanet Travel Bureau

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has released a beautiful set of space tourism posters, and you can download and print them for free! If you’ve ever wished you could have some colorful artwork that promotes exploration and space travel, this is what you need. My inner middle-school Space Camp nerd is giddy with excitement!

These posters feature exotic locations such as Mars, Europa, Kepler-16b, Jupiter, and Titan. They are reminiscent of the style of vintage national parks posters. The new designs are a continuation of NASA/JPL’s Exoplanet Travel Bureau series.

Check out the whole collection at the NASA JPL site. While you’re there, take a look at the other features of Exoplanet Travel Bureau. You can research potential travel destinations, calculate travel times, and create your own planet!

51 Pegasi b
51 Pegasi b Greetings From Your First Exoplanet
Kepler-186f Where the Grass is Always Redder on the Other Side
Kepler-16b Where Your Shadow Always Has Company
PSO J318.5-22
PSO J318.5-22 Where the Nightlife Never Ends!

The Nerdist Tweeted Me

Ok, this was a smile-inducing moment for me. Chris Hardwick, aka @Nerdist, sent me a smiley today. It was in reply to a Twitter message I had tagged him in. It’s not a big deal in the Grand Scheme of things, and maybe he has a Twitter assistant who typed it for him, but it made me smile. Here’s the exchange:

If you don’t know who Chris Hardwick is, this is the part of the About page that I giggled about.

Chris Hardwick as Luke Skywalker
Chris Hardwick as Luke Skywalker

Chris Hardwick was born on the starship Enterprise and is the product of two red-shirts that quickly met their demise in a transporter lovemaking mishap. He was banished by the Federation to earth after “inappropriate conduct” on the holodeck with a computer-generated Buffy Summers. Since then, Chris has become a professional stand-up comedian and a self-proclaimed nerd. He is a writer for Wired Magazine and is the face of AMC’s first live after show Talking Dead, which airs as a platform to discuss the network’s highly rated show The Walking Dead.

You can read more about Hardwick and all of the other nerdy stuff going on over at

Never Knew I Needed a Laser Until I Saw This One

Wow! This Hercules laser looks amazing. Besides that, I’m sure it has some very useful, scientific, real-world applications.

Among the capabilities listed on the Laserglow site, it is visible in direct sun, can light a fireworks fuse, pop a balloon, cut through electrical tape, and even burn through plastic. Well, what the heck have I been doing popping my balloons and cutting tape the old fashioned way? According to the manufacturer, Hercules is “the world’s most powerful portable laser.” Now I really want one — at least to test drive!

Is anyone else having flashbacks to the movie Real Genius? Remember when Val Kilmer and the other genius geek used that giant laser to fill Professor Hathaway’s house with popcorn? But I digress…

I don’t know whether it can make popcorn, but the Hercules will set you back around $1000 to $3000, depending on which model you choose. Hey, be careful where you point that thing!