Create Mandala Art with Your Words

Create your own mandala-style word art

I’m a big fan of words, letters, and interesting patterns, so I was excited to find this cool mandala word art generator! You can type in some letters, use the sliders to adjust the size and overlap of the characters, and view, share, or save your creation in seconds!

Mandala-style "Todd"
Mandala-style “Todd”

I tried a few different words and decided I like shorter words better, because I can still kind of see what letters are in the finished product. If you want to use a longer message and create something very mysterious, that would also be cool. You could hide a secret mantra or message in your mandala, and nobody would ever know what it means, besides you.

Go try it at Mandific and let me know what you come up with! I’d love to see your creations, whether they are big and clear, or cryptic and complicated.

Mandala-style "sunshine"
Mandala-style “sunshine”