5 Signs that you’re TOO OLD for trick-or-treating

Every year, I’m puzzled and annoyed by the near-grown “children” who show up on Halloween. I think some of these teenagers just race around the neighborhood, doing as many laps as they can, filling up their pillowcases with candy meant for the younger kids.

So if you’re wondering whether you or someone you know is too old for trick-or-treating, here is a helpful guide for you. Happy Halloween! ๐Ÿ™‚

5. You’re old enough to drive.

If you can drive, go to the store and buy your own candy.
If you can drive, go to the store and buy your own candy.

4. Your costume has anything to do with Miley Cyrus twerking.

Miley Dynasty
You are not Miley Cyrus! ย And whether you think you are, or you’re just making fun of her, you don’t belong around children in an outfit like that. (Photo credit: michaeljzealot)

3. You’re smoking and/or drinking.

from pipesmagazine.com
from pipesmagazine.com

Just stay home. Nobody wants to give free candy to someone blowing smoke and/or booze breath.

2. You don’t think this joke is funny.

Who was the most famous skeleton?
Q: Who was the most famous skeleton? A: Napoleon Bone-apart (Photo credit: msabcmom)

Trick-or-treating is for little children, who enjoy childish things like cute costumes and silly jokes. If you’re too mature to enjoy a joke like this, you’re too old for trick-or-treating.

1. Your costume is pot-related.

marijuana costumes
If you’re dressed as marijuana, you’re too old for trick-or-treating.

So, what do you think? Are there any other telltale signs of being too old for trick-or-treating?

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Star Wars Printable Masks

Happy Halloween, everybody! This year, our family has one bleeding-Scream-face teenager, a homemade 5th grade Viking, and a 2nd grade kitty cat. Does your family need some last-minute Halloween help? Here are some free printable Star Wars masks. Click for the pdf, print it out, and you’re ready to party!

Star Wars Clone Wars Masks

Star Wars printable masks Episode 3

Star Wars Classic Masks with Princess Leia and Wicket the Ewok

More Classic Star Wars Printable Masks

Looking for more great printables and online Star Wars activities? Visit the official Star Wars site for all kinds of papercraft, recipes, worksheets, and games.

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I’ve been awarded "Lens of the Day" at Squidoo!

My main computer hobby these days is creating “lenses,” or single-page mini-sites, over at Squidoo. These lenses are great for me, because I like lots of different things, and the lens-building interface is very easy to use. I can delve into whatever my subject du jour is, organize everything I find, and share it almost instantly. I have been doing a few lenses per week lately, and I have to say I think I’m addicted. But that’s my problem, not yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve lost count of my lenses, but I think I have about 25 active ones right now, [edit: I counted, and it’s 41 as of today. My habit is worse than I thought!] with more on the back burner. I’m very excited that one of them, the Pumpkin Carving Video Showcase (doesn’t that sound fancy?) was awarded the coveted “Lens of the Day,” by the Squidoo gods on October 29, 2007. It’s a collection of the best and most popular pumpkin carving and other pumpkin-related videos on YouTube. It’s truly amazing what some people can do with a simple gourd. One guy carved Princess Diana’s face into a pumpkin. Seriously, that’s art. I can manage some triangles for the eyes and nose, and a zig-zaggy mouth, but that’s about it. And for people who are more about pumpkin destruction than pumpkin art, there’s a section on pumpkin trebuchet (punkin chunkin) videos. Fun, fun!

The Great Pumpkin – smells like childhood!

I grew up in rural Wisconsin in the 70s, and we didn’t have cable television. That means it was a really big deal when the Charlie Brown specials were on. Back then, the only time I could see cartoons was on Saturday mornings, unless you count Sesame Street, Electric Company, and Mr. Rogers on PBS.

Anyway, even though we have The Great Pumpkin on DVD now, and can watch it any time of the year (and we do!), it’s still a special thing to see it on the network. It doesn’t matter that I’m 30-something with kids of my own. When we sit on the couch to watch Linus in the pumpkin patch, it’s almost like being a little kid again. Thank you, Great Pumpkin, sincerely!