Don’t Minecraft While Sedated

The cartoon xkcd is one of my favorite nerdy comics. For your Friday fun, here is a strip about Minecraft. The moral of the story: don’t let your noob friends into your Minecraft world while they’re recovering from wisdom teeth extraction.

Happy Friday!

Don't Minecraft on Drugs - comic
Don’t Minecraft on Drugs
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“Kawaii Not”: cute on the outside, twisted on the inside

Here are a few samples of what you can find over at the web comic called Kawaii Not, the comic for cute gone bad. (In case you’re wondering, “kawaii” is the Japanese word for “cute.”) Kawaii Not is a clever and sometimes strange combination of cute, innocent-looking characters (such as food, flowers, and office supplies), with a twisted sense of humor and a strong dose of irony. The strip is in a novel vertical format, and many of the featured comics have been converted into animated icons for posting on your own page. Watch out — they blink.
cassette vs ipod peanut legume wonton plunger
Note: Despite the pastel colors and smiling clouds and rainbows, this is not a comic for children. I have chosen some of the cute, tame ones to share here. But if you enjoy irony, or have been told you’re “weird,” “warped,” or have a “unique” sense of humor (join the club), you might like Kawaii Not. What do you think?

Chamber Music Hero!

Fox Trot comic

Some Sundays, there’s nothing funny in the comics section of the newspaper. Yes, I admit that I care more about the comics and the Target advertisement than the rest of the paper.

Today was a rare exception, however, with three good ones! My favorites were Baby Blues, Opus, and FoxTrot. Click on the thumbnail to see the FoxTrot strip. I love it because I played the cello in school, I LOVE chamber music, and I think the notion of Chamber Music Hero is hilarious! Seriously, that would be right up my alley!

Fox Trot comic

GeekMom Gets the Giggles

Here is a quick laugh I had to share. I’ve had this saved for years because it’s one of my favorite comics of all time. In case you don’t get it in your paper, it’s called Get Fuzzy. I’m sorry the image is kind of small, but it’s the best I have, and this is no longer available on the Get Fuzzy archives. I’ll put the text underneath it, in case you can’t quite read it. It’s hilarious!

Get Fuzzy comic

Cat (Bucky): Flea Factor, Paw and Odor, or Wheel of Vermin?
Dog (Satchel): Wheel! Wheel!
Cat: It’s Mexican Spiny Pocket Mouse, you idiot!
Dog: Buy a vole! Buy a vole!