Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft party treats and potions.

My middle son just turned twelve, and we had a Minecraft birthday party for him. He chose the theme, and set up the LAN game for his friends. My part in the celebration was to provide Minecraft decorations and treats. Challenge accepted! First of all, let me admit that I'm not a super-crafty "Pinterest" mom [...]

Alternatives to iGoogle


I've been using iGoogle as my browser start page for years. It's not that I love Google. Rather, I have something of a love/hate relationship with Google. But iGoogle has served me well as a starting point for my browser activities. I like the combination of widgets, which allow me to see my mail, news [...]

Stress Free App Review


To help me relax and sleep better, I've tried a few relaxation apps on my iPhone. The one I'm reviewing today is called, "Stress Free," by Andrew Johnson.

George Takei’s Amazon Product Reviews


George Takei is Emperor of the social networking universe, from Twitter to Facebook and Amazon.com! Wait. What? Did I just say "Amazon.com?" That's not a social network! But George Takei is making it social by writing hilarious product reviews and sharing them with all of his fans and followers! Here are a few excerpts from [...]

I Hate Running


I don't run. There are many reasons why I don't like running. For example... I hate sweating. I'm chubby. My boobs are too big and my legs are too short. I forced myself to run in college, but that was a long time ago. A couple of days ago, I read the latest Oatmeal comic, [...]

The Nerdist Tweeted Me


Ok, this was a smile-inducing moment for me. Chris Hardwick, aka @Nerdist, sent me a smiley today. It was in reply to a Twitter message I had tagged him in. It's not a big deal in the Grand Scheme of things, and maybe he has a Twitter assistant who typed it for him, but it [...]

Summer Schedule Printable

summer schedule printable

Even though it's summer vacation, my kids and I need some structure to our days. To aid my never-ending battle against entropy, I put together this schedule this morning. Though the kids say it's too much like school, it makes sense to have something down on paper. This reminds us what needs to be done [...]