Build LEGO with Chrome

lego build with chrome

LEGO and Chrome have put together a very fun virtual building environment at All the fun of LEGO without the danger of stepping on a sharp-cornered brick in the dark! You can make your own designs or follow a series of Master Builder challenges in the Build Academy. Build with a variety of brick [...]

Cannibal Rats Infesting Ghost Ship?


Here's a weird story for your Freaky Friday. An abandoned ship is drifting in the Atlantic Ocean, and it's thought to be infested with rats. Since the rats have no other food source, they are believed to be feeding on each other. That's right. Cannibalistic rats, on a ship, possibly headed for Scotland. Visit [...]

Minecraft Birthday Invitations


Hello, friends! I'm planning another Minecraft birthday party, and I've just put together some postcard-sized invitations. I'm sharing them with you, because I know there are lots of other kids out there who want Minecraft parties, and there aren't a lot of ready-made paper goods to buy. These invitations are free printables! I've put in [...]

Another Minecraft Party, Coming Up…


My son had a Minecraft themed birthday party back in September, and now my daughter wants one, too! This means I'll need to come up with some new ideas for Minecraft treats, decorations, and activities. Since I know other parents are looking for similar stuff, I'll post what I find here. Maybe it will help [...]

Google’s Top Searches in 2013

2013 year in review

Sometimes, I'm curious about what other people are thinking. What do they wonder about? What do "normal" people look for on the Internet? Google has put together a nice visual representation of the year's top searches. The mosaic of clickable images is like a 2013 yearbook of what people searched for on Google. It's a [...]

Minecraft Toys at Target

My Creeper daughter at Halloween

I live in a small Colorado town that does not have a Target store. During the two years since moving here, I've made a couple of trips to the nearest Target, which is in New Mexico. It's not convenient, but I can get there if I need to. Recently, I took my three kids on [...]

Thanksgiving Tip: Remove Guts from Turkey Before Roasting

by my 8 year old daughter, November 2013

Here's a story that we tell every year... Enjoy! We’d been married about six months by our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple. We lived in an apartment with a small electric oven. I was so excited! You know… “Look at me! I’m such a good little wife cooking for my new hubby…” I [...]