Hubby’s new Playstation 3 makes me sick…

My hubby’s birthday is coming up, and I gave him his gift early, because it was big and hard to hide. Plus, I couldn’t wait to see how excited he would be to open it! He’s been hinting about wanting this Playstation 3 (80GB) for months.

I had thought about waiting until Christmas to buy it, but I’ve been working a lot lately, and decided to go for it, to surprise him. Plus, he told me it will play Blu-Ray discs, and that would be a good deal, since a Blu-Ray player would be almost as expensive on its own… Sure, sure.

The first game I got him is Call of Duty 4. If you’re not familiar with the Call of Duty games, it’s a first-person wartime simulation. (Do you watch The Office? Remember when Jim went to the Stamford branch, and they were playing Call of Duty as a team-building exercise? And Jim was in the corner with his sniper rifle, jumping around and going nowhere? That’s the game.)

Anyway, he fired it up and started playing, and I was watching the screen, amazed by the clarity of the graphics, and the realism of the motion and everything. The flash-bang grenades actually have a blinding effect, and you can hear the ringing in your ears.

There is a scene where the team has to escape from a sinking ship. You have to run through the labyrinth of cargo crates, metal stairways, narrow corridors, and make your way up to the deck and jump into a helicopter, all while the ship lists and leans. It’s thoroughly disorienting.

As I was watching him negotiate the sinking ship level, I started getting all clammy and hot. My tummy tightened and twisted. “Is it hot in here? Why is it so hot in here?” I leaned back and put my feet up on the coffee table, suddenly feeling very sick. Nausea… uck.

After about 3 tries, Hubby completed the level and went on to the next chapter of the story. I still felt yucky, and I was trying to figure out how I could be sick.

I think I’m seasick from your game.

“Oh, yeah. There’s a note in the instructions about that.”

Stupid game. I went upstairs to lie on the bed and recover, with the fan blowing cool air on my face and arms. Much better.

If you get a PS3, be careful if you’re prone to motion sickness. I’ll be sticking with less realistic games, I think. 🙂

Fact: EntreCard Credits are like Schrute Bucks

One Schrute BuckBefore I begin, let me say that I enjoy both Dwight Schrute and EntreCard. Now, let me explain my assertion. 🙂

On The Office (US version), Dwight Schrute creates Schrute Bucks as a way to motivate his coworkers to perform well. (If you’re not familiar with Dwight, you should know that he is an insufferable dweeb and suck-up, but he is also excellent at his job. That really has nothing to do with this analogy, but it is a big part of why The Office is so hilarious.) The Schrute Buck is a unit of currency in Dwight’s system, where he gets to decide what a person has to do to earn one.

EntreCard (EC) is a system of free internet advertising that rewards users with Credits, which they can use to purchase ad space on other users’ blogs. Credits are awarded for using the system by “card dropping,” or clicking on other people’s EC widgets.

A-ha! What else do Schrute Bucks and EC Credits have in common? Well, since I am a bit of an insufferable dweeb myself, here is a list …

  • Fact: Both Schrute Bucks and EC Credits are constructed units of currency.
  • Fact: Both Schrute Bucks and EC Credits can be earned only by exhibiting behaviors desired by their creators.
  • Fact: Neither Schrute Bucks nor EC Credits have any real value outside of their respective reward systems.*
  • Fact: Both Schrute Bucks and EC Credits have value only if there is demand for them among users.
  • Question: What is the exchange rate of Schrute Bucks to EC Credits?
  • Answer: It’s the same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.

* I know there has been some talk of selling EC Credits for real money, so we’ll see where that ends up.

I hope you enjoyed this little exercise in silliness. If you’d like to add to the discussion, please do!

Fudgey Carrie and Matthew "Hannah Montana" – meeting Hubby’s coworkers

We went to my husband’s annual company Christmas party on Friday. This was the second one I’ve been to, having attend last year’s party for the first time. And since I have a hard time even remembering the names of my own children at times, I am pretty hopeless when it comes to putting names to the faces of people I only see once a year.

One thing I do to make it easier to remember names is to make them into funny nicknames or phrases. For example, here are some of the lovely people I met this year (real names have been changed):

“Fudgey” Carrie: The lady whose husband offered to marry me after sampling the fudge I sent into the office with Hubby

Matthew “Hannah Montana”: The SuperDad who took his daughter to the Hannah Montana concert, and is apparently scarred for life

Lizzie “Spanx”: The coworker who decided she loved the homemade treats I sent in so much, that she bought Spanx for the party so she could continue to indulge during the week

Don “The Arguer”: The one who drives his secretary crazy by trying to reinvent the wheel, even though she’s been doing this for 30 years already

The party was a blast, by the way, and the people were just as fun as their names imply. Happy Holidays to all!

Who is Ed Helms?

I am a big fan of “The Office,” and I am especially entertained by the character Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms. I have not been a loyal watcher of Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show,” (it’s on too late for me) so I hadn’t seen much of Ed Helms before his part on The Office.

If you haven’t seen The Office, you are missing out on some good laughs. If you like sharp humor, sometimes uncomfortable politically incorrect situations, and interesting characters, you will love The Office. You might want to give it a try.

So as I was saying, I didn’t know much about Ed Helms. His character, Andy, is very annoying. He’s a huge suck-up. He breaks into song without warning. He brings his banjo to work. He has a problem with anger management. Get the idea?

I was wondering about the guy behind it all, so I did some research. Okay, I say “research,” but you know what I mean is, I typed “Ed Helms” into my search bar. What I found out is that he is from Atlanta, went to college at Oberlin in Ohio, did stand-up comedy, plays in a bluegrass trio, was on The Daily Show, and now he’s on The Office. I put all the details together on a Squidoo page, if you’re interested in learning more about Ed Helms and Andy Bernard. It includes some of my favorite scenes from The Office, and a link to his band’s site. Enjoy!