Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Trailer

You know I’m a fan of Call of Duty, and I’m looking forward to the next installment of Black Ops. Today, the trailer for Black Ops 2 was released!

Hey, gamer girls! You know I’m a fan of Call of Duty, and I’m looking forward to the next installment of Black Ops, due out on November 13, 2012. Today, the trailer for Black Ops 2 was released!

It shows a conflict in the year 2025, with some future vehicles, weapons, and gadgets. The narrative alludes to a plot where our enemies have taken control of the technology and machines that were developed to keep us safe. That’s where the elite humans of Black Ops take over. Watch the trailer and let me know what you think!

Hey, Gamer Girls! Want to Join an All-Girl Team for Modern Warfare 2?

Hello, friends. You might have noticed I haven’t been posting as frequently lately. I blame Modern Warfare 2 (LOL). Yes, I started playing MW2 online via the PlayStation network, and it is very fun, and very time-consuming. It appeals to my obsessive-compulsive personality, and I’m like Pavlov’s dog when I hear the electric guitar riff during gameplay, because I get so excited to see what new reward I’ve unlocked! I mean, without the panting and salivating…

Ooooh, a new attachment for my M16A4?! What is it? Under-mounted grenade launcher? Holographic sight? Can I have it now? Please please please?

So I’ve made it through all 70 levels of the online game once so far. And even though I enjoyed having the AK47 and all of its attachments at my disposal, I decided to enter Prestige mode and start over again. Not because I’m awesome. Definitely not. Because I need more practice, and because I missed the frequent unlocks and rewards that come at lower levels!

I don’t mind going against the boys in Team Deathmatch alone, but I thought it would be fun to put together a group of girls who play together from time to time. We’re all busy and have real life work and responsibilities, so this isn’t anything formal or demanding. But if you’re a girl who plays MW2 on the PS3 network, change your clan tag to [GRRL] and leave your online ID in the comments below. I’m projectalice00. I’ll add you as a friend and maybe we’ll find a few other gals who want to pwn boys together.

P.S.: Boys, we still love you. But this clan is just for us. See you at the Deathmatch. 🙂 *kiss kiss*

UPDATE: Since so many people are commenting and want to join the team, I made a slick form to collect your info. This will be used to keep everybody in touch by e-mail, and we can keep the team list updated and such. Please Join the All-Girl Gaming Team and tell your gaming girlfriends, too! Yaaay!