Stephen Colbert on Letterman

I loved this interview with Stephen Colbert on David Letterman. It was interesting to hear Stephen speak in his more “real” voice, as opposed to the ultra-conservative pundit he portrays on The Colbert Report. He talked about trying to earn a living building futon frames, being a dad to three kids, and a bit about his new book, I Am America (And So Can You!). The book even comes with a sheet of stickers!

Yes, I am proud to be a geek

One of my hobbies is putting silly slogans on shirts and stuff. Before I had kids and replaced my hard-earned college knowledge with the lyrics for all the Wiggles songs, I was a scientist. And even if I can’t remember Avogadro’s number anymore (it has nothing to do with guacamole – I remember that much), I still get a giggle out of math and science related jokes. Here is one especially for fall – it is “pi” season, after all! And I love pie!

That’s so true!

I love this “Life Lesson” figurine from TLC/Discovery Channel because it’s so true! I never get to go to the bathroom by myself. Even if I close and lock the door, I have little people standing outside, talking to me through the door and poking things underneath it for me to see.

I know I’ll miss it all someday, though, and when they’re grown and gone, I’ll wish for their little fingers sticking through the space under the door, just to get my attention.

Gratitude journal: My kids love me so much that want to be near me, even when I’m on the toilet.


I read in the Reader’s Digest that gratitude can help you be more healthy, less stressed, and more optimistic. People have been studying how gratitude affects a person’s well-being, both physically and mentally, and it seems to be quite a powerful force for good. Not only does it help a person feel better personally, but people who live gratefully are more likely to help others, which makes other people feel better, too. So it becomes a big, beautiful circle of gratitude. I like to think of myself as a grateful kind of person, but the scientists that did the study suggest keeping a gratitude journal. Apparently, taking time each day to remember and write down things for which you are grateful, helps you become a happier and healthier person. I will give this a try. And I will incorporate my gratitude journal into my blog. Feel free to comment and add your own “grateful moments” as well. Let’s all get happier together!