Great Geek Gadgets:

I’ve been working on a new project this week! This one is called It’s a page dedicated to geek toys, gadgets, gifts, and other things that I think are super cool. Some of the products I’ve listed so far are a USB lava lamp, a wi-fi detector t-shirt, and some very cute Darth Vader nesting dolls. I love this stuff! If you’re interested, stop by and have a look. And if you think of something I should include, please let me know. If it appeals to my inner geek, I’ll add it and give you a nod. 🙂

Another colorful necklace, in many shades of blue

Here is a beautiful necklace in shades of blue. I combined light and dark purple amethyst, tri-hue blue tanzanite, clear quartz (it looks like ice droplets to me), faceted cathedral beads, and sterling silver. I made this during the last (I hope) hot weekend of fall, in anticipation of the crisp, cool weather that should be on its way in October.

I’ve been feeling colorful lately

Well, been staying indoors to beat the heat and humidity lately, and I’ve done a couple of designs with lots of color! Here is one that has lots of juicy green and orange, including peridot and citrine, and sterling silver. It’s a 20 inch necklace that will not be ignored! It may look good enough to eat, but it’s not edible. 🙂