A wonderful marriage of football, marching band, and video games

I don’t usually put video on my page, because I’m afraid it will slow down the loading or break something, but this was so great, I had to share it. It’s the Cal marching band, from the halftime show of a Cal vs. Stanford game played on December 1, 2007. It will have you singing along, and craving your old favorite video games again. Let me know if it breaks anything. Enjoy!

This is one charismatic little stick figure!

Fancy Pants world 2Prepare to waste some time on this one, folks! The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 is here.

The lively little stick-figure dude is back, but this time, the world is in color! The game starts off with a nice game of Fancy Pants style golf, for which Stick Dude receives a delicious ice creamy prize. But then, a mean rabbit steals the prize, and Stick Dude is off on a quest to recover his tasty treat.

I love the way Stick Dude can jump and flip. I enjoy the way the wind blows his spiky hairdo, and I really like the way he can slide, roll, and kick.

In addition to the main game, there is a fun new element in World 2. Stick Dude can still change the color of his pants, but you have to earn your trousers as you complete the levels. Find the snail in each level, jump on him to get his shell, and then kick the shell around until you get it in the hole. This is not as easy as it sounds, and mastering the subtleties of kicking, bouncing, wall-jumping, sliding, cannon-blasting, and puzzle-solving, provide for hours of enjoyable play.

If you’re not familiar with Fancy Pants, you might also want to check out World 1. Thanks to creator Brad Borne, for giving me another way to avoid doing real work. Enjoy!

GeekMom Needs a Light Saber!

Wii Light SwordsHubby sent me a link to a page showing these cool-looking Wii remote jackets by CAMY, and I really really want one! So far, I’ve been spending my Wii sessions gaining “Pro” status on Wii Sports bowling. (I pulled a glute, but I did it, and I love my sparkly new ball!) The kids love Super Mario Galaxy, but I haven’t had time to figure it out yet. I have to wait my turn, you see, and it looks much more complicated than my old favorite, Super Mario Bros 3.

But I can hardly wait to get one of these Wiimote “light swords,” so I can get my Jedi on! (No, I don’t have a Princess Leia costume, you weak- minded fool!) According to CAMY, they are super lightweight, and the translucent blades are lit with ultra-bright LEDs. Sounds awesome! Now I have to go find a game to go with my elegant Jedi weapon. Cue light saber sound effects.

Wii would like physical therapy!

If you’ve read my previous post on our new Wii (the kids won’t unwrap it until Christmas, but we’ve been playing it at night – shhhh!), you know how much I love it! Even though I suck at pretty much all the games (except I did knock out Hubby at boxing), it is so fun! We plug it in after the kids are asleep and go for a couple of hours. Bowling, golf, tennis, baseball, etc. — none of which I do in normal life with any regularity… I end up sweaty and out of breath (especially from boxing – I turn into a crazed punching machine for some reason). Nothing wrong with that. I figure anything besides sitting at the computer counts for exercise, right?

But the next morning, boy am I sore! Yes, I’m a bit out of shape. And I’m not as young as I used to be. Anyway, my muscles ache, and my shoulder hurts. I’m really okay, but I was thinking, when will somebody develop a nice post-Wii workout cooldown game for us middle-aged Wii addicts? How about Wii Therapy, Wii Pilates, Wii Yoga, Wii Stretch? They can bundle it with Wii Sports and call it Wii for Oldies. 🙂

Geek Mom: I think I have Wii elbow!

My husband surprised me with the news a few months ago. “Honey, I got a Wii! I wasn’t looking for one, but I just happened to wander into the game store, and the guy said they had just got the shipment, and they hadn’t even unpacked them yet. They’re really hard to find, so I was lucky to find one, and I had to get it, and we can give it to the kids for Christmas…” That was back in September.

We love video games, and it’s not that I didn’t want a Wii. It’s just that I don’t need another device that encourages me to waste more time playing games. I know that once the Wii is unwrapped and installed, there will be almost no chance of turning it off. The kids will want to play it all the time. And worse yet, I will want to play it all the time! And I’ll have to take turns!

So Hubby brought it home, and we tried it out (after the kids were asleep). We played tennis, golf, bowling, baseball, even boxing! It was awesome! I lost every challenge except for boxing. I don’t know what got into me, but I turned into a crazy manic Wii punching machine, and somehow I knocked him out. I was sweating and out of breath, but I won!

I think I’m developing “Wii elbow.”

We put it back in the box, and we’re hiding it under the bed until Christmas. Don’t tell the kids!