Great Geek Gadgets:

I’ve been working on a new project this week! This one is called It’s a page dedicated to geek toys, gadgets, gifts, and other things that I think are super cool. Some of the products I’ve listed so far are a USB lava lamp, a wi-fi detector t-shirt, and some very cute Darth Vader nesting dolls. I love this stuff! If you’re interested, stop by and have a look. And if you think of something I should include, please let me know. If it appeals to my inner geek, I’ll add it and give you a nod. 🙂

I want Yoda on my iPod

As you know, I just got a tiny new iPod Shuffle for my birthday, and I love it! I want to hug it and squeeze it, and I will call it George. uh… So I was browsing for iPod stuff, like a little protective case, to keep it from getting scratched up. Well, I was not prepared for the amazing selection of iPod accessories Out There! One of my favorites is this cute little Yoda case for the old Shuffle design. Yoda! Since I’m addicted to Squidoo these days, I made a whole page on all the iPod stuff I found, in case you’re curious.

Happy Birthday to me!

I’m one of those people who enjoy having birthdays. Yes, I’m getting older, and yes, I have more gray hair than I did a year ago, but I still think birthdays are fun. My family got me a pink iPod shuffle, which I LOVE! And my kids are working on another “present” for Mommy, which is not arguing for the whole day, and doing what I ask without having to be asked multiple times. We’ll see how they do! My dad used to ask us for the same thing on Father’s Day or on his birthday, and we thought it would be so much easier if we could just get him a “real” gift. I guess you have to become a parent to understand what a “real” gift is, on so many levels!

Gratitude journal: It’s my birthday, and I get to eat cake!