Geek Sweets: Super Mario Cupcakes

super mario cupcakes by naomiThese are simply amazing. Click the thumbnail to take a closer look at these perfectly crafted Super Mario cupcakes! I would love to bite into that cute little 1UP mushroom, or give that piranha plant a taste of his own medicine! Chomp!

These are crafted by Australian artisan Naomi, who must be a fondant coloring and sculpting genius, to render these Super Mario characters so well. From the perfect shade of sky blue in the background, to the placement of the buttons on Mario’s overalls, these are just wonderful! I don’t know what I crave more after looking at these — eating cupcakes, or playing Super Paper Mario!

According to her profile, Naomi works with robots by day, and is a “cupcake ninja” by night. Sounds like the perfect combination! See more of her amazing creations, including robot, Lego, and Pacman cupcakes, as well as lots of beautiful non-geek designs, too.

Thanks for sharing, Naomi!

Attention, Food Geeks: “Bizarre Foods” is Back!

Andrew Zimmern eats bugsI would not call myself an adventurous eater. On the contrary, I am rather timid when it comes to food. I’ve been known to throw away food that is probably still safe to eat, just because it was past its expiration date. I don’t like meat cooked rare. I don’t like moldy cheese. I don’t like to take risks. I hate being sick. That’s just the way I am.

But Andrew Zimmern is a bonafide bizarre food aficionado. Not only does he love to eat, but he really seems to enjoy trying stuff that looks foreign, undercooked, even dirty and disgusting! And, I happen to enjoy watching him do that.

The best thing about the way Zimmern approaches this gastronomic thrill ride is that he is not doing it just for the gross-out factor. Yes, I’m sure it has occurred to him and/or his television producers that a certain part of the population does find it entertaining to watch a mild-mannered, chubby, bald, white man eat things that make most normal people gag. However, he does make an honest effort to explore the culture behind the cuisine. He’s not just eating weird things to shock people. He’s eating whatever people eat, wherever they live. It’s amazing, entertaining, and educational.

If you’ve never seen the show, the new season of Bizarre Foods starts tonight. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, this may not be the program for you. But if you’re curious about world food traditions, and you can handle some strange stuff, you should definitely check it out. It’s on the Travel Channel on US cable television.

Darn those Girl Scouts and their Thin Mints

Once a year, the Girl Scouts set up shop in the foyer of our local grocery store. They stack up boxes and boxes of cookies, put on their sashes, smiles, and best manners. I try to resist, but I just can’t!

I must have the cookies!

Last year, my husband mistakenly brought home some peanut butter sandwich cookies. I wanted Peanut Butter Patties. They are soooo not the same. Peanut Butter Patties are covered in chocolate. The sandwiches are not. The Patties are my favorites!

Coming in a close second are the Thin Mints. When I was a Girl Scout, I think there were lots more Thin Mints per box. Also, each box was much cheaper back then. Yes, the cookies are expensive. Yes, they are not good for me. But I just can’t help it!

This is embarrassing, but I just did a line of Thin Mints. I tried to stop, but I couldn’t, and before I knew it, the whole tube was empty. Darn those Girl Scouts and their tiny, delicious, overpriced cookies!