Bella Twilight Shop gives free stuff to Facebook friends!

Bella Twilight Shop logo logo. Click to view full size.

Hello, dear Facebook friends!!!! Thank you for your support and friendship, and for helping surpass 2100 fans on FB!!

To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to take a world tour and meet you all in person!!! But, since that plan didn’t work out, we decided to give away some free stuff in a logo photo contest instead. We can’t come to you, but you can kinda show us around your neighborhood! Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a “Fan” or “Like” Bella Twilight Shop on FB.
  2. Print out the logo attached to this note. Add some hearts or doodles or stickers to the page if you like. Make it your own. 🙂
  3. Take the logo out on the town, and snap a photo of yourself and your friends having fun with Bella Twilight Shop! Take us to your school, your mall, your special meadow, your backyard, wherever! Be creative!
  4. Upload your photos of yourself holding the Bella Twilight Shop logo, and be sure to tag yourself!
  5. I will evaluate the photos, choose the winners, and send out the prizes. I’m the judge, and my decisions are final. Make me smile!
  6. Maybe there should be some fine print in the rules here, but let’s just say you should use common sense and be nice. Don’t do anything dangerous or disgusting with our logo.
  7. This contest is open to people in the USA, Canada, and other countries, as long as it is legal in those countries.

Prizes will include Bella Bracelet, Team Jacob Charm Bracelet, Wolf Pack Tattoo Necklace, Twilight Sweethearts Candy, Bella Twilight Shop Wristbands, Bleeding Heart Bookmark, Find Your Own Vampire t-shirt, and more!!

Good luck, and thanks again!!!!! Peace, love, Twilight!

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Twilight fans! View the First Official 90 Second Trailer for Eclipse!!!! Finally!

Hello, friends and fellow Twilight fans. It’s finally here! We’ve been waiting and waiting (and waiting!) for a peek at the next movie, and here it is — the first official trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which is due in theaters in June 30, 2010. Turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and enjoy this 90 second glimpse at Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson), Jacob (shirtless! Taylor Lautner), Jane (Dakota Fanning), and the new Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard)! What do you think???

Great Gadget for Twilight Geeks: New Moon USB Drive

New Moon Soundtrack USB Drive
New Moon Soundtrack USB Drive

Here’s a short intro for a new product coming out any day now! I will be carrying these in my Twilight shop, and I’m pretty excited!

This is an officially licensed Twilight product, and it is a sweet combination of style and function. It’s a 2GB USB flash drive, with the Cullen family crest on the outside, and the New Moon movie soundtrack pre-loaded on the inside.

You can read the details and pre-order the New Moon USB drive now. I expect to have them ready to ship in late October 2009. Cheers!

Brand New Twilight Fan Community at Club Twilight

Club Twilight header

Hello, friends! I’ve been working on a new project for the last month or so, and it’s now ready for action. If you’re a fan of the Twilight saga, go to Club Twilight right now and sign up!

Still here? Okay, well I’ll tell you a bit more about the development side of the Club. It’s built on, which is a social media platform acquired by MTV Networks. It’s pretty easy on the admin side, and features a built-in content moderation process, which makes it easy to keep the Club clean. That’s important in the Club Twilight community, since membership is open to Twilighters as young as 13 years old.

Also, the Flux neighborhood is home to lots of other popular networks, including The Colbert Report, Comedy Central, The Hobbit Site, MTV, and many MANY more. Once you have a (free) Flux member account, you can use it to join all of your favorite Flux communities. That makes it easy to find new friends and share content and messages across networks.

So, if you love the Twilight books, movies, actors, photos, news and rumors, please visit Club Twilight and check it out. I’m giving away 50 free “Find your own vampire” t-shirts to some lucky Club members. Just register and upload a profile photo for a chance to win! Cheers!

By the way, I’m “Another Cullen Girl” on Club Twilight and across Flux. If you see me there, please say hi! 🙂

My Rob Pattinson page is Lens of the Day at Squidoo!

If you aren’t a fan of Rob Pattinson, you might not appreciate this, but I’ve thought Rob was cute since I saw him as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (get it from Amazon).

So when I heard Rob will be playing my favorite vampire, Edward Cullen, in the upcoming Twilight movie, I was excited! He’s not baby-face cute, but more chiseled and handsome. Still, when he smiles, he has a bit of youthful mischief in his eyes, which makes him even more appealing.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he portrays Edward in Twilight, since he will have to be gentle, powerful, old, young, dangerous, and beautiful, all at the same time. If you haven’t read the books yet, you might enjoy a nice vampire romance

Oh yeah, and thanks to Squidoo for awarding Lens of the Day to my Rob Pattinson page! Yippee!

And for your listening pleasure while reading the Twilight books, I’ve put together a bunch of songs that I associate with some of the scenes, characters, and emotions involved in the stories. Enjoy!

New Twilight stuff: Beautiful Beaded “Blood-red” Bookmarks

Hello, everybody! I’ve been working on some new Twilight stuff, to keep me from becoming too impatient while waiting for the movie. The latest: Silver plated, beaded bookmarks, with a gorgeous blood-red foil-lined heart charm!

The bookmarks feature a pair of blood-red droplet beads, finished with that especially pretty heart charm. The foil inside the glass gives it extra depth and interest!

I have given several of these bookmarks to friends, and they love them! They will make wonderful little stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts for Twilight lovers ($7.50 US + shipping).

Click on a photo to view larger.