Got Mom-goo and kid-poo? Chuck to the rescue!

I wrote a post a while back, on the gag-inducing topic of my kids getting sick, and my willingness to sacrifice my own cleanliness to protect the carpet and sofa. Because, you know, it’s easier to wash my chest, face, and shirt, than to clean the furniture. Hubby calls me “the vomit magnet.” You get the idea…

Well, I’ve been reconnecting with old friends on Facebook lately, and I found out that one of them (her name is Heather too, and we lived in the same dorm during our first year of college) has a brilliant new product for parents. Heather and her sisters came up with a fresh new take on the barf bag. It’s called Chuck the Yuck, as in “Keep the kids. Chuck the yuck.

It’s watertight, big enough for adults to “use” (morning sickness, motion sickness, etc.), holds blown-out diapers and other yucky stuff, and it’s cute!

Got details?

  • Chuck the Yuck bags are 9.25″ (high) X 5″ (wide) X 3″ (deep).
  • They are larger than most sickness bags to allow for adult usage.
  • They are also water tight and have a seal with a twist closure that is centered in the top middle section of the bag to allow for fold-over and secure closing.
  • Chuck the Yuck bags come in packages of 3 for $4.99.

So if you’re still in the yuck stage of pregnancy or parenting, you might give these bags a try. Just make sure you don’t confuse Chuck the Yuck with your sack lunch. Cheers!

Have you seen these movie trailer birth announcements?!

If you haven’t seen this new video birth announcement, you should check it out. I can’t embed the video, so you’ll have to go watch it over there, but it’s a brilliant take on the whole birth announcement concept! A bit pricey, but definitely a unique way to give your Offspring v.0.1 some geek cred from the start.

I’m not getting a commission for this or anything, but if you’re going to order one of these, you might as well use the (case-sensitive) 20% off coupon code (GeekMomMashup20) the nice movie trailer guys gave me.

Have fun storming the castle! (Can you name the movie? It’s one of my all-time favorites!)

Funny mom laughs for Luvs

I don’t know how I missed out on seeing this video earlier, but it is hilarious! Especially for busy moms — but funny for dads and kids, too — Anita Renfroe sings a fast mashup of the most popular mom sayings, to the tune of the William Tell Overture. Listen carefully, because it goes by so quickly!

Anita has made another funny video in conjunction with a promotion for Luvs diapers. As part of this new “say no to pricey diapers” campaign, Luvs is also offering a limited-time $5 off coupon, starting today.

GeekMom’s Mean Thoughts

I have three kids of my own, and although I love them all dearly, they do have their moments. My first baby had trouble sleeping. He had allergies and acid reflux, which we didn’t get diagnosed until he was 15 months old, because the pediatrician kept telling us he’d grow out of it. “Stop breastfeeding him and he’ll sleep through the night.” “Take away the pacifier, because he can’t find it, and then he can’t get back to sleep.” “Just let him cry.

That first baby is almost nine, and I still shake with fury when I remember what that stupid doctor put us through. Thankfully, I finally (I know, I should have done it sooner, but I trusted the doctor…) took him to a specialist and got things taken care of. It was nice to finally get some sleep! But I digress…

The point of this post was not to recount my old grudges.

Actually, some of our friends are just now having babies. We’re having a mini baby boom in our little circle. And even though I really want everyone to be healthy and happy, and I hope their babies are sweet little bundles of joy, there’s a snarky little part of me that hopes those kids throw some big tantrums and wake their parents up at all hours of the night. Just to be fair.

So there you have it: GeekMom’s dark side. Be afraid. 🙂

Kindergarten GeekBoy Made Up A New Word

Here is something my kindergartener said to me recently. It made me laugh, so I wanted to share it.

GeekBoy: “Mommy, do you know how I could tell the baby was awake?”

GeekMom: “How did you know, Punkin?”

GeekBoy: “I heard her through the baby ther-monitor.”

Briefly: Life is all about poop (if you’re a mom)

It may come as a shock for new mothers, the way life starts to revolve around poop. From Day One, a baby’s health is measured in part by the poops he produces. And it doesn’t stop when you bring the baby home…

No, that’s just the beginning. Some hospitals send mothers home with log sheets, to make it easier for parents to keep track of all the diaper action. Not only do the diapers have to be changed and bottoms wiped, but the frequency and consistency of the poop needs to be observed and acknowledged.

Of course, this is a good thing to do. Baby bottoms need to be kept clean. Parents need to bond with their babies and build relationships of trust. Babies depend on their parents to tend them with love and concern. Poop needs to be monitored, because certain characteristics can indicate illness or other trouble.

So if you’re about to become a mom, don’t worry. After the baby comes, you’ll probably think and talk about diapers more than current events, movies, or anything else. Just remember that this is normal. Motherhood is not for wimps. And it’s totally worth it!