International Tabletop Day is April 11

Do you need a reason to play more games? Break out your favorite tabletop games and celebrate on April 11, 2015! It’s International Tabletop Day!

International Tabletop Day was created three years ago, as a way to celebrate and encourage tabletop (board games, card games, etc.) gaming with friends and family. It’s a perfect opportunity to break out an old favorite game, or discover a new one. Get the kids involved, and show them how to have fun without a screen!

Tabletop Day poster
Tabletop Day poster
If you want to meet up with some new tabletop friends, try the event finder feature at Nothing happening in your area? Start your own Tabletop Day event!

For more information on International Tabletop Day, visit

My family enjoys the classic UNO, Munchkin, and Apples to Apples. Do you have suggestions for some fun tabletop games? Let us know!

Author: GeekMom

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