Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft partyMy middle son just turned twelve, and we had a Minecraft birthday party for him. He chose the theme, and set up the LAN game for his friends. My part in the celebration was to provide Minecraft decorations and treats. Challenge accepted!

First of all, let me admit that I’m not a super-crafty “Pinterest” mom who does this kind of thing very often. But since this boy didn’t get a birthday party last year, I felt like making a bit more effort for him this time. The project ended up being really fun, and he was excited about the results.

Since I had to search and gather the elements for these crafts, I figured I’d put them together to share. If anybody else wants to use them, go right ahead. I hope you enjoy these free Minecraft printables.

Minecraft Birthday Invitations

Here is the invitation I made: Blank Minecraft Printable Invitation. I found a Minecraft dirt and grass background, put a text box on top of it, and then just printed it out. I downloaded a free Minecraft font to use for the text.

Minecraft Potion Bottle Labels


These cute bottles of punch are just perfect for little Minecraft potion labels. The kids thought they were amazing! It was quite easy to make them. I found images of the different Minecraft potions, put them into rows on a page, printed it, cut it into strips, wrapped them around the bottles, and taped them together in the back.

Blue Minecraft Potion Labels
Green Minecraft Potion Labels
Purple Minecraft Potion Labels
Red Minecraft Potion Labels

Minecraft Creeper Face Cupcake Picks

Print this page of Creeper faces onto cardstock, cut the faces apart, and tape them onto toothpicks. Then poke the picks into your cupcakes or other treats.

You can also print this onto plain paper and cut strips of faces to wrap around water bottles or other drinks. The kids love “Creeper Juice.”

Minecraft Creeper Face Page


Those are all of the printables I made for this Minecraft party. I’ll do a separate post on how I made the dirt and grass blocks. They were cute and delicious (and gluten-free, if you’re concerned with that kind of thing). [UPDATE] Here is the recipe for the Minecraft dirt and grass treats!

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  • cs white

    I can’t believe your timing! We just started planning a Minecraft party for my son and it’s like I’ve found my own party planner! Thanks!

  • http://GeekMomMashup.com GeekMom

    Wonderful! So glad you found this stuff useful. I hope he has a great party!

  • http://www.hardlotion.com Renee

    My son just sent me the link to this, with “this is what I want for my birthday” in the email :)

  • Rosi Ramos

    Hi..I would love the follow up on the dirt and grass blocks. Wondering if they are rice krispies or cupcakes/ Planning some Minecraft sweets for my son turning 10 in Oct. Thanks!

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  • eileen

    While looking for Minecraft ideas, I connected to your page via pinterest. I’m not crafty at all, but I like the cocoa krispies treats recipe. thanks!

  • Kellie

    Thanks so much for your free printables. My son wanted a Minecraft Party so I searched high and low. My niece found your site and you are a life saver. He came home from school today and he is thrilled to see all the cool crafts I have been working on for his party.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/johnna.kizer Johnna Manning Kizer

    After I saw your Minecraft party post, I knew thst I would be able to pull it together. I am not a super crafty mom either so I appreciated your help to make my kids birthday party such a success! ! Thank you!!

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  • Bebe

    Love the idea….I’m gonna try this with brownies! Anything to make the process faster and simpler. Besides who doesn’t love chocolate brownies ;)

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