How Steve Jobs Changed the World

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Changed the World

I know Steve Jobs was not a god. I don’t worship him. I just have such a great appreciation for his ideas, and the things that grew out of them.

And although it might sound exaggerated, he really did change the world. Even for millions of people who never met him, it’s kind of like he was our friend.

He created things that we use and love. He made devices that we hold against our faces, and keep in pockets over our hearts. Many of us regard our pet gadgets as trusty sidekicks. We sleep with them, eat with them, and emote over them.

He changed the world because he affected every Apple user individually, and gave us something in common where there might not have been anything there before.

Thank you for making the world a better place, Steve. 🙂

Author: GeekMom

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