Netflix too Expensive? Try Amazon Streaming Video.

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I’ve been a fan of Netflix ever since I started my subscription a couple of years ago. Not only do I get really happy when I receive a new red envelope in the mail, but I also use the streaming video service A LOT! Thanks to Netflix, I’ve discovered several new television shows that I missed while they were still on the air, but now I’m a fan. For example, I’ve watched every past episode of The Gates, caught up on Psych, and reviewed some of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock and Glee.

Recently, Netflix has made news with its abruptly-announced price increase. Customers have jumped ship by the thousands, and although I’m still happy with the service, I’m also looking into cheaper alternatives.

A while back, Amazon added unlimited free video streaming for its Prime members. Guess what — I’m a Prime member! I didn’t pay much attention at the time, because I was already using Netflix. But here are the details on Prime: It’s $79 per year, and includes free 2-day shipping, and inexpensive upgrades on overnight delivery.

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Available on Amazon Prime video streaming

If you do a lot of shopping and shipping through Amazon, Prime is a good deal. Now, Prime also includes unlimited streaming of a growing selection of movies and television shows. So, let’s compare.

Netflix’s new price on unlimited streaming is $7.99 per month. That’s $95.88 per year.

Amazon Prime is $79 per year.

Which would you choose? Yes, I’m afraid I may have to cancel my Netflix streaming service. Amazon may not have DVD mailing service, but it has a decent collection of streaming video, with more on the way. And I can catch most of my regular network shows on Hulu if I miss them in primetime.

I’m not getting anything from Amazon to promote Prime. (You can get a free one month trial of Amazon Prime.) I just wanted to share a service I’ve been using, and which I think is a good value. Let me know about your favorite video streaming source. 🙂

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