Geek Zodiac Chart

Geek Zodiac chart
The Geek Zodiac

This is amazing in so many ways. It’s called The Geek Zodiac 2.0, and it’s the creation of James Wright (concept) and Josh Eckert (design). I know you guys like lists and bullet points, so here’s why I think The Geek Zodiac 2.0 is awesome, in list form:

  • It’s clever. It took some thought, and I appreciate people who can think.
  • It’s inclusive. All major classes of geekdom are represented.
  • It’s funny. It’s smart enough that you could take it seriously, but it’s still going to make you giggle.
  • It’s visually appealing. This would be perfect on the wall of your game room, home theater, or comic book library.
  • It’s sincere. It was created by true geeks, as opposed to being manufactured by an advertising company.

So you must check it out right now! Find your birth year in the chart to determine whether you’re a robot, wizard, alien, superhero, undead, pirate, daikaiju, time traveler, spy, astronaut, ninja/samurai, or treasure hunter. And in case you’re wondering, I’m a Robot. My Geek Zodiac characteristics include law-abiding, dedicated, logical, stubborn, intractable, and cold. Huzzah!

Author: GeekMom

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  • Thank you so much for the support, Geekmom! This is James, the co-creator of the Geek Zodiac 2.0. I’m so happy to see that the response for something Josh and I did for fun has been so positive all around. There’s a 3.0 version on the way soon, which will swap out the trademarked/copyrighted images for original artwork and clean up the typos (e.g., 1958 is conspicuously absent, as is 1923). Once this new edition is complete we hope it will garner the same responses, and we’re looking into making a poster version available for purchase as well as individualized t-shirts for each sign. Oh, and we’re up on Facebook as well if you’re interested:

    Again, we can’t thank you enough for your support and kind words.


  • The Geek Zodiac is certainly unique and entertaining. It is quite interesting that I am a ninja/samurai. I have to agree that it is clever and visually appealing.

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