Boys will be boys… juvenile jokes

I have three children: two boys, ages nine and seven, and a girl, age three. Life is busy, and the kids keep me entertained. There’s nothing more fun to watch than three siblings singing, dancing, and laughing together! (It happens on occasion.)

However, lately, the boys have been into telling jokes. Now, I think I have a pretty good sense of humor. (Sometimes, Hubby doesn’t appreciate it, but I’m really quite hilarious.)

They don’t really have a comedy routine, and they don’t have many jokes memorized. No, because that would be boring, I suppose. They prefer to improvise.

So, they have a go-to punchline, and it kills! You’re dying to hear it, aren’t you? Okay. You asked for it:

Knock knock.
Who’s there?

That’s just one example of how the BUTT punchline can be used. Amazingly, it fits almost any situation, and can be fashioned into an answer for any question!

I would say “let’s hope this phase passes quickly,” but I know it never will. They’ve just taken another step on the road to manhood. I’m so proud! 🙂

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Author: GeekMom

Heather is a geeky girl with a husband and three kids who put up with her nerdy quirks. She's been blogging here since 2007, and enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, and making stuff.

  • My brother an I are only 3 years apart.
    We loved playing knock-knock. Butt soon into the game it would become knock and punch !

    Jaffers last blog post..Decision 2008 : Focus on the Eh-conomy

  • Janet

    That’s such a coincidence! My boys love that same joke!

  • I love boy jokes. I’m not sure when they outgrow them. Mine still have their silly disgusting jokes. Of course mine are a bit older, 20, 17 and 15!

    You might have to put up with those jokes for awhile!


    Doriss last blog post..Setting Health and Fitness Goals – The Blueprint to a Healthy You

  • Not sure how to break this to you, but your daughter will chime in soon enough. I’m a guy and my only sibling was a brother. Growing up, there were fart and butt and poop jokes galore. As the father of two girls, I foolishly thought I would escape a repeat of that. Wrong! Turns out bodily functions are just as hysterical to girls

    Terry Bs last blog post..Simple details, beautiful results: Seared salmon with mixed greens and miso vinaigrette

  • My daughter (16y/0) and my sister (38y/0) have had one like that since dd was about 4 years old. Either one of them can start it. It’s like this:

    One: Guess what?
    The Other: What?
    First one: Chicken butt!
    Both: [falling out in uncontrollable peals of laughter]

    I dunno….

    Carols last blog post..Sticky Post!

  • LOL now really Heather is there any greater joke than butt joke? *grins* Stuart

    Stuarts last blog post..Fat Buster Friday – Week 2 – on a Saturday

  • Ok, so I’m a little tired. At first I read the joke with the question, “My butt who?”

    Ah yes, hours of entertainment with bodily functions to follow.

    Grandys last blog post..It’s awareness time again

  • Just be glad they are still kids. Have heard adults tell the same joke with a different well, uh…twist. LOL

    BigPappas last blog post..Saturday Contest Reminder

  • That’s boys for you all right! *grin*

    Rose Works Jewelrys last blog post..Flower Earrings

  • I’m not sure what was worse. The slightly gross jokes or the never ending knock-knock jokes. My boys loved them all.

    carol at A Second Cups last blog post..The Hundred-Pushup Challenge: Join In!

  • That reminds me so much of this thing my brother used to do when we were kids. Whatever question either of us asked, the other would answer, “My butt.” It drove our parents crazy. Never underestimate the power of BUTT!

  • yes, the BUTT is quite a funny topic around my house as well. my munchkins have actually made up an entire song about butts, i’ll see if i can make out all the words and send it your way. have a good night.

    Lizzies last blog post..Sunday Signspotting: week twelve

  • I remember the days of thinking “butt” was funny, and my parents would too.