New Twilight stuff: Beautiful Beaded “Blood-red” Bookmarks

Hello, everybody! I’ve been working on some new Twilight stuff, to keep me from becoming too impatient while waiting for the movie. The latest: Silver plated, beaded bookmarks, with a gorgeous blood-red foil-lined heart charm!

The bookmarks feature a pair of blood-red droplet beads, finished with that especially pretty heart charm. The foil inside the glass gives it extra depth and interest!

I have given several of these bookmarks to friends, and they love them! They will make wonderful little stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts for Twilight lovers ($7.50 US + shipping).

Click on a photo to view larger.

Author: GeekMom

Heather is a geeky girl with a husband and three kids who put up with her nerdy quirks. She's been blogging here since 2007, and enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, and making stuff.

  • Well, I’m definitely a nerd. Never did I think ‘bookmark’ was for an actual book until I saw the images at the bottom. I kept thinking you were developing a new browser bookmarking system.

    impNERDs last blog post..Entrecard-StumbleUpon Love-iners: My Apologies

  • @impNERD: That’s hilarious! Sorry to disappoint you. Just a little low-tech craftiness. 🙂

  • I love these bookmarks, they are so gothically cute!

  • @Christy: Thanks!

  • ohhh, i might have to order one. i’m trying so hard to finish Twilight, (50 pages to go) but with kids that never sleep or slow down and an impending move coming VERY soon, I just don’t have time. have a good one!

    Lizzies last blog post..Fun With Politics

  • I want one. I will lose it (sigh) but I still want one!

    carol at A Second Cups last blog post..Getting From Here to There: The Elements of Character Training Part 1b: Teaching Older Children

  • You know Heather you never cease to amaze me with your talents. You are a wonder hehe. Awesome work the bookmarks look wonderful.

    Stuarts last blog post..Entrecarders – Plugin for U Drop I Follow!

  • @Lizzie: I hear ya! I only get my serious reading done after the kids are asleep, at the expense of my own sleep. 🙂
    @Carol: I know what you mean. I think this is a little harder to lose than a paper or ribbon bookmark. But still…
    @Stuart: Aren’t you sweet? Stop inflating my ego like that. 🙂 Thank you!

  • I*m diggin the color. Hehe my books just sit on my shelf & collect dust.

    Leslies last blog post..Burn It Down. ;P

  • DJ

    “Beautiful beaded blood-red bookmarks” say that five times fast 🙂

    DJs last blog post..Holiday Shopping Help.

  • I know this is a silly compliment but I just wanted you to know I LOVE our site and I’m always delighted when I see your card in my inbox. No, that’s not a slang term for — oh gawd I’m just making things worse now …

    Canuckleheads last blog post..The Royal Sampler

  • @Leslie: Thanks! I love the color, too. Nothing like some shiny deep reds to make me feel vampy.
    @DJ: yes, I was feeling a little alliterative. 🙂
    @Canucklehead: I’m surprised and very flattered! You’re so sweet, and I enjoy visiting your site, too. Hubby and I honeymooned in Canada (no tropical paradise for us!), so we have a soft spot in our hearts for you guys. 🙂

  • Those are gorgeous!! I just finished “Breaking Dawn” and I’m ready to start the series over again until the movie comes out!

  • Those are beautiful!

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  • Angela

    omg i love all twilight stuff but thats just so cute i love it and i loved the movie too lolzzz luvvsss!!

  • Jane Buchanan

    Thanks for the prompt delivery of the bookmark. My granddaughter is obsessed with the Twilight books (and Edward) and she loved the bookmark. Thanks again!

  • I love all the Twilight Books. It is like the best thing that I have ever done, reading them. I’ve read all the books 4 times and is working on my fifth time around right now. I have everything that has something to do with Twilight except these, where do you get them?! I NEED TO GET THEM!!!!!!!

  • haley


  • Thanks so much! And thanks for the second one. I thought to myself after the fact that I should have gotten one for my sister too (I stole her last Tilight book). Now I can send her a bookmark as a peace offering… And I’ll probably use your inserts as booksmarks too!

    bonnie´s last blog post..Bella’s lullaby

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for the quick shipping!

  • Barbara

    I just purchased our 4th ‘Blook Red’ Bookmark. These are beautiful. Much better than the others offered on various websites. We have already given a couple away as gifts.

  • Judy Qualters

    How can I send my grand-daugher a book mark from you? I saw the movie and loved it.

    Thank you,

  • i love twilight especially the last book the last book is the best i love the name renesmee i like the part where they get married and jacob and edward was about to fight then when she learned to shield people and she finds she pregnant

  • breaking dawn is the best book ever they should of thought about this long ago