Somebody’s been inside my head (hotels give me the heeby-jeebies)

I have been a compulsive hand-washer and outspoken microbe-phobe for most of my life. For example, back in my sorority days, I would make regular rounds of the chapter house with a can of Lysol disinfectant spray.

I hit just about every common surface, including the phone switchboard, bathroom light switches, door handles… My nickname was “Psycho.” You get the idea.

My hubby, knowing about my neuroses (and loving me in spite of them), sent me this link from Gizmodo today. The article, “10 Gadgets that Help you Survive in Cheap Hotel Rooms,” set my geeky and germy-phobic heart strings a-quiver in harmony.

I wish I’d had some of these gadgets in my arsenal back in college. Cheers!

Author: GeekMom

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  • OMG I love these and I want them all! I’m lucky in that I haven’t had to stay at a cheap hotel in a very long time – whenever the bf and I decide to stay in a hotel we have enough money between us to get a decent room. But I think I would still want these things with me!

  • I have a trip coming up soon and now I feel that I need all of those gadgets! Need!

  • I am the exact opposite. I’m all for handwashing, but I don’t do anti-bacterial crap. I’d much rather take my vitamins and let my immune system work out on the rest.

    Haven’t you ever read War of the Worlds? The germs will save us in the end!

  • @Tina: I agree about avoiding unnecessary anti-bacterial stuff. I used to use anti-bac soap, followed anti-bac lotion. But then I got even more worried about resistant strains than I was about the common ones, and now I’m pro-clean but anti-supergerms. And don’t get me started on unnecessary prescription antibiotics. yikes! 🙂

  • I love the biohazard suit *hehe*.

    Mind you on a more serious note I have also found the small bottles of antibacterial hand cream that allows you to wash your hands without water and just evaporates is a lifesaver.

    You can pretty much get it from any chemist.

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  • Hotels are never such a worry to me as public toilets – you do not need a urine dectector there you can see and smell it eugh!

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  • Oh, gosh you had me rolling with this one. My husband used to be a germaphob, but living with me has somewhat cured him of that. I’m more of the mad scientist type with the clutter. Anyways, I’m glad you turned me on to this because I now have some great Xmas ideas for him and his family.

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  • I have been doing a through cleaning in my house……long over due! I NEED one of those suits for when I enter my son’s room! lol

  • Just got back from a conference in Vegas and my lungs are still recovering. I’m with you. I think the hazmat suit would make networking a challenge, but I’m totally onboard with all the other gadgets.

  • My husband is a germaphobe!