In case of zombie invasion, shoot the lawyers?

Sorry, honey (my husband is an attorney). I’ve taken a couple of those “Would you survive a zombie invasion” quizzes, and it doesn’t look good for me. I’m not a runner, don’t have any guns, and would have my kids slowing down my escape. Yep, I’m pretty much zombie food.

One of the brains over at PrawfsBlawg has written about the legal implications of executing your zombie escape and survival plan. Author Geoffrey Rapp explains the importance of being…

… conscious of potential legal ramifications of shooting zombies in the head, breaking and entering stores to gather canned goods, and otherwise engaging in all manner of batteries, trespasses and conversions.

Of course, it won’t matter to me… But if you’re in good shape, know how to score a headshot, and can hole up safely until the invasion is over, you might have to think about what will happen post-zombie-apocalypse. Good luck!

Author: GeekMom

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