GeekMom’s MOTO Q™ Gadget Review (hey, that rhymes)

MOTO QI love gadgets, and I was excited to have the opportunity to use a Motorola MOTO Q™ music 9m recently. Never heard of the MOTO Q? Neither had I, but now that I’ve had it in my hands for a week, I don’t want to let it go!

In a nutshell, the MOTO Q (I just call it “the Q,” now that we’ve become so close) is a handheld mobile device for communication, productivity, and entertainment. It’s a combination phone, mp3 player, camera, web browser, word processor, and more. Let me switch into Vanna mode while I give you a quick rundown of the Q’s best features, along with some notes on how it performed as I put it through its paces…

  • Full QWERTY keyboard, and the ergonomically “barrel-shaped” keys are amazingly easy to press — one at a time! — even though they are very small, and close together. For me, this is the most important feature, because the keyboard enables me to actually work on the device. It’s not just a cell phone.
  • Long battery life. I’ve tried using the online functions of my regular cell phone, but it’s pointless, because the battery runs down too quickly. The Q held up through phone conversations, Twittering, internet browsing, taking photos and video of my kids, and never ran out of juice.
  • Fun multimedia functions, including music, photos, video, and games. Download, shoot your own with the built-in camera, or import by SD card.
  • Productivity tools, including e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Seriously, you can view, edit, or create your own documents on the go.
  • Easy setup and out of the box use. I know this sounds snobby, but I didn’t think a non-Mac product would be so easy to figure out. After five minutes, my e-mail was configured and in sync.
  • Plenty of memory for all your games and videos — I mean, important work files — including 128 GB internal, and up to 32 GB SD card (you can’t get a 32 GB card yet, but the Q is ready for when it happens).

I’m not going to list all the details here, so if you want to read the full specs, go to the Motorola site.

My overall impression of the Q? It’s awesome! I’ve never had a QWERTY mobile device before, and this was so much fun that I didn’t want to give it back! (No, I did not get to keep the Q, nor did I receive any other compensation for this review.**)

One more cool feature that I didn’t have a chance to try, is that you can use the Q as a wireless modem. For example, if you’re traveling with a laptop, you don’t have to find a wi-fi hot spot to get connected. If your Q has service, you have your own hot spot. That could come in handy.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Q was the size of the screen, when it came to web browsing. Sites that were mobile-optimized were fine, but regular sites were somewhat difficult to navigate. I’m used to my widescreen desktop monitor, and sideways scrolling takes some getting used to.

If you’re looking to upgrade your mobile phone, or you’re saving up for a laptop computer, this MOTO Q might be just what you need. It does more than a phone, and is less expensive than a laptop, and wonderfully portable.

** A day after posting this review, I was contacted by a representative of Motorola, and they are giving me a free Q, for keeps! This was not part of any “deal,” explicit or implied, for the review. I am completely surprised and so excited! I just wanted to let you know, in the interest of transparency. 🙂

Author: GeekMom

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  • I have something similar called the Blackjack by AT&T. I have been using it since 2006 and love it. I’m a gadget nut myself.

  • That’s awesome! I have a Blackberry for work, but it doesn’t compare to what you’ve just described here… I wonder if we have them here in Canada? I may have to go hunting! 😀

    Lisa365s last blog post..thank you!

  • I have a BlackJack II and I really love it! I had the first Black Jack, but started having problems with it right about the time the upgrade to the BJII came about and my connect center/phone service center, allowed me to trade/upgrade without paying a dime more… so I got to upgrade for free… anyhow – I love the way I can do so many different things on it. The only thing I can’t do on it is spreadsheets… I probably could, but I haven’t had the need to as of yet.
    I have a friend who is looking to upgrade his phone and really needs something like this – does Verizon carry this model? I think he needs to know about it. He’s such a traveling entrepreneur and could really benefit from this model.
    Thanks for the brief overview – it looks awesome!

    Venice CA Real Estates last blog post..1

  • As a Mac user, I shied away from smart phones that weren’t Palm OS. I was stuck with one choice – the Treo.

    Then my Treo broke… and I was broke. I scrounged up an old phone on craigslist real cheap. I essentially changed to “Retro PCS.”

    How well does the Moto Q play with Mac OS?

  • Quite honestly, I really don’t like product blog reviews because I can’t tell whether the blogger really likes the product or just pretending to like it because it’s a paid review. However, with your review I just changed my mind. Now I want to go out and buy this thang!!!

    Chriss last blog post..God Reads My Blog

  • I was thinking about upgrading to this cell phone. I got one for my mom, she barley uses it. The only down side is… I have a ton of Palm plugins and addons. I can’t part with them. I can easily record all my calls and port them to my computer. Or even programs to check my site and yours, 😉

  • @AV – lucky you!
    @Lisa – My sister had a Blackberry and loved it. She was totally addicted.
    @Christine – The Q I tried was on Verizon, so I know they go together!
    @Elliott – Yes, I was pleasantly surprised that the Q got along well with my Mac OS X. I set it down on the desk by my Mac, and they started talking right away, via Bluetooth. All I had to do was click OK!
    @Chris – I don’t do many reviews, for the very reasons you don’t like them! I’m the same way when it comes to paid reviews. But I really was impressed by the Q.
    @Evan – You should just take back your mom’s and get her something else. 🙂

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  • Looks cool, but the iPhone stills seems better. Plus, the G3 iPhone and SDK apps are coming out this summer, so it’ll get even better.

    Does the screen size on the Q bother you? Looks too small to be able to see full webpages with.

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  • @JBourne – The screen size is the only thing I didn’t really like about the Q, but it’s workable. If the sites you’re viewing are for mobile, it’s fine. The non-optimized ones can be tough. And I’ve never tried an iPhone, but I’d love to get my hands on one some time!

  • Wow, this looks like a gadget that I might be interested in. Great review!

  • I have this (older version) and love it…couldn’t live without it…you can comparison shop from store to store and prove who has the lower price…how bad is that! So many people I know have had problems with the Palms…maybe they have gotten bugs out by now…

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