“Kawaii Not”: cute on the outside, twisted on the inside

Here are a few samples of what you can find over at the web comic called Kawaii Not, the comic for cute gone bad. (In case you’re wondering, “kawaii” is the Japanese word for “cute.”) Kawaii Not is a clever and sometimes strange combination of cute, innocent-looking characters (such as food, flowers, and office supplies), with a twisted sense of humor and a strong dose of irony. The strip is in a novel vertical format, and many of the featured comics have been converted into animated icons for posting on your own page. Watch out — they blink.
cassette vs ipod peanut legume wonton plunger
Note: Despite the pastel colors and smiling clouds and rainbows, this is not a comic for children. I have chosen some of the cute, tame ones to share here. But if you enjoy irony, or have been told you’re “weird,” “warped,” or have a “unique” sense of humor (join the club), you might like Kawaii Not. What do you think?

Author: GeekMom

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  • Hehe, I wrote about this shop on my design segment. I loved the raspberry comic. Lol.

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  • I missed your post on it Christy. Sorry! Guess we’re both a little bit warped in the humor department. 🙂

  • I think I love it!
    I also think I won’t be sharing it with the kids…

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