Kids are sooo funny!

A recent conversation I had with my kindergartener went something like this…

Punkin: Mommy, why is your belly so floppy?

Me: Well, Mommy had three babies. Remember when Mommy’s belly was big like a balloon? When the baby was inside? Well, when the baby comes out, Mommy’s belly is like a balloon with no air inside, and that is why it’s floppy.

Punkin: Oh. (giggles)

Yes, the truth hurts, but it’s also pretty funny.

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  • Nice! Well, I’m sure you have tons of company, I for one will join you:-) This will be the first summer that I should be allowed into a bathing suit again, and ladies, it’ll be a one piece!


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  • Hehe, that made me chuckle 🙂

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  • Funny! My 5 year old son said to me the other day
    “Mommy, you are NOT a movie star” … “oh” I said “why is that?” and he responded “because you have a BIG bum and BIG boobs ha ha ha ha ha . ” “Thanks honey” I said.
    Gotta love kids. I’ve had three too!

    Tara’s last blog post..Green Baby

  • Oh I have had this conversation with my four year olds too… he he he

  • My neice asked me why I’m so fat, I haven’t had kids so it was hard to explain. You never know what they are going to say!

    Check out my blog, I have tagged you for Crazy 8’s

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  • Oh yeah! When my daughter was four she drew a picture of me. She included an extra circle in the belly area and when we asked what it was, she said that it was my “squishy part”! Try to live that one down!

    Aren’t kids great? So…..honest? so honest it hurts!!!! argh!

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  • Mine is 17, and she still makes me giggle at my “cottage cheese rear”. It’s not really funny, but yet it is.

  • Pam

    That is funny!!! Kids speak the truth too much sometimes. My 3yr old told her brother the other day that mommy was a hippo and she liked riding on me. Thanks kiddo! Love your site! A great read for moms!

    Pam’s last blog post..Dora and SpongeBob Raisins

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  • The best was when I was pregnant and my son, Rafael, asked my husband if he was pregnant, too, and patted his belly. Daddy was amused, yet decidedly not so.

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