My New Favorite USB Device

USB Sushi DrivesI love looking at new USB gadgets. It’s amazing the things you can get that run off of USB power right on your desk. You can get a vacuum cleaner, a lava lamp, a Christmas tree, even a robotic USB Stewie from Family Guy. (I’ve put together some of my favorites on this page at Squidoo, dedicated to great gadgets.) Seriously, who can live without this stuff? 🙂

But this is my new favorite! Look at how cute those USB sushi drives are! I love sushi, and I love gadgets. And who doesn’t need a portable memory stick? I bet these are much harder to lose than the plain old sticks.

These drives are available in a variety of flavors, including maguro, ebi, egg, maki, and more. Prices are $65 and up per piece, but they are calorie-free, and they never spoil! Awesome!

Author: GeekMom

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