I Am SOOO Not “With It”

Hollister California is not a geographical locationI was talking with another mom (name withheld to protect the un-cool) yesterday, and she said she had asked her favorite babysitter where Hollister is. She’d been noticing a lot of the young people wearing shirts from Hollister, and figured it must be a popular place to visit.

The teenager (a very sweet 18 year old) told her that Hollister is not a vacation destination. It’s a clothing brand and store.

Oh. hee hee.

The other mom and I decided it must be one of those hip shops at the mall with the really loud music. Maybe they have great clothes, but I’m not going to wheel my stroller in there. I think that’s the idea. 🙂

Just out of curiosity, I checked out the Hollister site. The shop is divided into two sections: Dudes and Bettys. What, no section for 30-something Geek Moms? I am sooo not “with it!”

Author: GeekMom

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  • I am with you! I can’t help thinking about the real Hollister – in California. That is where one of the most famous incidents with motorcycle gangs happened back in 1947. Important to the social development of the US. Unlike the store . . .

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  • Sue

    I had to take my mom into Aber-Crombie Fitch for Christmas shopping, we could hardly hear each other and it was dark in there!

    Sue’s last blog post..Audio on my Blog

  • I just dropped by from Entrecard and I have to tell you I LOVE your header (with the Miis) and I love your tagline. I can so relate! LOL, every word of it rings true here! :^D

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  • Not cool here either.
    I just don’t get the point in spending a bunch of money for overprized clothes AND making free advertisement for those guys by carrying the oversized name brand around 😉

  • Hey there, my daughter works at the partner store [ACF] between school breaks. It is definitely a place for the young or the young at heart, whose pants size is 12 or below.

    After work each day, the first thing that she does is throw her clothing directly into the washing machine, scheduled perfuming of there work space is part of the ambiance … however if you allow the ACF laundry to build up … after three days you would have to leave your home … 8o)

  • “Scheduled perfuming?” That’s hilarious. Between the music and the smell, I think it would give me a headache. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.