I Am SOOO Not “With It”

Hollister California is not a geographical locationI was talking with another mom (name withheld to protect the un-cool) yesterday, and she said she had asked her favorite babysitter where Hollister is. She’d been noticing a lot of the young people wearing shirts from Hollister, and figured it must be a popular place to visit.

The teenager (a very sweet 18 year old) told her that Hollister is not a vacation destination. It’s a clothing brand and store.

Oh. hee hee.

The other mom and I decided it must be one of those hip shops at the mall with the really loud music. Maybe they have great clothes, but I’m not going to wheel my stroller in there. I think that’s the idea. 🙂

Just out of curiosity, I checked out the Hollister site. The shop is divided into two sections: Dudes and Bettys. What, no section for 30-something Geek Moms? I am sooo not “with it!”