Here’s my elf dance. Let’s see yours!

You’ve probably seen the OfficeMax commercials for Elf Yourself. It’s a web application that lets you upload your own photo, crop it to fit an elf hat, and then watch yourself do an elf dance with up to three of your friends. Silly, but so fun! I did one with my own face first, and then I made one with my kids (above). Aren’t they cute?!

I’ve heard that people without high speed connections aren’t able to enjoy the show, so keep that in mind. You can see my elf dance here, or make your own. [Edit: Sorry, but the ElfYourself service must have been just for the holidays. It doesn’t work anymore, but it was fun while it lasted!]

Author: GeekMom

Heather is a geeky girl with a husband and three kids who put up with her nerdy quirks. She's been blogging here since 2007, and enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, and making stuff.

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    Cool site! Wanna see Bush and his family dress in Goofy Elf Outfits and dance in front of you this Christmas? Check out this funny site

  • Awe… they removed it before I could see!!! 🙁

    Such a pity, but the pic you have in the post is very cute!!

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